Daily Climbing Equipment Rental Prices.
3 days or more, 20% discount is given.
All equipment must be pre booked and cannot be picked up without prior arrangement. A €100 cash or PayPal deposit is required, plus ID.

If you have forgotten an item or want to travel light we can rent you any of the following items on a daily or weekly basis. To buy equipment we recommend Foracorda in Palma.

  • 60m Rope €25 per day.
  • Set of 12 quick draws and Belay device €25 per day.
  • Climbing Shoes €25 per day.
  • Harness and Helmet €25 per day.
  • Full Climbing equipment set; €55 per day,
  • Rope, Quickdraws, GriGri, Cowstail/Lanyard, 3 locking carabiners, Harnesses x 2, rockshoes x 2, Helmets x 2
Rock Climbing Mallorca

Bouldering Mat/Black Diamond Drop Zone €25 per day.

Rock and Ride Mallorca excepts no responsibility for any accident, however caused, by using our rental equipment.
Rock climbing and bouldering are inherently dangerous sports. It is the users responsibility to ensure they are properly trained to use any equipment provided by us.

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