MTB Skills Course and MTB information Mallorca

Mountain Bike Skills Course

If you are new to mountain biking or want to improve your skill level, we can give good advice/coaching for technical riding. We regularly run short mtb skills courses.

A two day course typically covers:

After one or two days you will see a noticeable improvement in confidence and ability. The most challenging UK trail centres will present no problems on your return home. We can run a two day course based on €40 per person per day. This is based on a minimum group size of 4 persons.

General Information about mountain biking in Mallorca

Mallorca offers excellent mountain biking for those wishing to seek out the trails. The added joy of mountain biking in Mallorca is discovering secluded beaches, hilltops with stunning views, wildlife in its natural environment and colourful fields of flowers in the spring. Terrain on the island is nearly always rocky with little soil cover, sometimes sandy, this gives the trails a technical feel with many obstacles generally suited to the more experienced biker.  The trails have been likened to areas of Colorado and Arizona in the USA. The mountains are composed of limestone and when the limestone is wet conditions can be very challenging. It is always better to wait until the rock is dry, never long on the island! The east coast is slightly more sandy and a good wet weather option. Most areas of the island offer very good Mountain biking potential. In particular Sa Comuna near Bunyola, the Soller valley, Cala Millor on the east coast, Pollenca / Alcudia in the North and Peguera in the south west. The west coast is very mountainous with bigger climbs and exciting descents. The east coast is generally flatter but still offers excellent trail opportunities.
For the less experienced biker one good area is Na Burguesa near Palma with plenty of forestry roads. Sa Comuna near Bunyola is also a good place to explore with many 4×4 roads in lovely forest comprising Mediterranean Holm oak and pine. Finding the best routes in the past on Mallorca was notoriously difficult.  Access in Mallorca is a contentious issue, with sections of the GR221 currently closed. If you are asked to leave an area for whatever reason, do so without antagonising the land owner. There is little or no demarcation between walkers and mountain bikers as regards the use of footpaths. If you meet walkers low down and be courteous, a friendly “Ola” goes a long way. Walkers have the right of way over bikes.

Bike setup recommendations:

Typically rental bikes in Mallorca are set up European style, with the back brake on the right. Ask to have them swopped around if needs be. Ask in advance of your visit as most of the bike hire companies are flat out during the busy season with road bike rentals. If you use knee and elbow protection (recommended) bring these with you, as they are difficult to hire. I generally carry these in a small rucksack and only wear them for the descents.
I prefer riding with quality flat pedals on the technical routes for extra safety and confidence. Think Enduro riding.
Always have the saddle down on steep technical descents.
Have your suspension and tyre pressure set up correctly. A common mistake is to have both too hard. You want to be using the full travel of the shocks. Have your “sag” set correctly and the rebound setting so the folks react quickly and don’t “pack down”.
Some of the trails are in remote locations and you may not see many people in a day. If you are riding on your own, tell somebody the trail you will be riding and take a phone. Carry a basic first aid kit, bike tool, Zip ties and have the ability to do minor maintenance. The trails are very hard in terms of wear and tear on bikes. Carry plenty of water in the summer.

Where to go:

It is always difficult advising someone on the best area for mountain biking in Mallorca as the routes are spread throughout the island.  However, one of the great attractions of Mallorca is its compact size and its good road network. This allows all of the areas to be visited from wherever you are staying. All the area’s mentioned in this article have good mountain bike hire companies. Many of them hire quality full suspension mountain bikes. However, it will be worth booking in advance during the busy seasons.

When to go:

The ideal time to visit for mountain biking in when the island is quieter (September to May) leaving the roads clear, the accommodation ample and the temperature perfect. Summer also works, however, early starts are recommended to avoid the heat of the day. Some of the hire companies offer night rides as an option.


Written by Justin Gwyn-Williams

Justin Gwyn-Williams is an experienced Mountain Bike Guide living and working in Mallorca for Rock and Ride  Mallorca.