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The Torrent de Pareis is one of the most impressive gorge walks in the Mediterranean and without a doubt the most sought after hiking tour in Mallorca.

The limestone scenery is outstanding with breath taking views, high steep walls, caves and bizarre rock formations. The tour starts in Escorca and descends into the Lluc gorge coming from the Lluc Monastery. We follow this for a short way until we reach a point where Gorge Blau enters on the left hand side. This is the point known as Sa Fosca. From here the Torrent de Pareis starts. (The word Pareis means couple / together, this is the coming together of the two canyons ) We stay following the main canyon navigating a route between huge boulders sometimes the size of houses. We continue to follow a route down the canyon through obstacles and short drops until finally we reach the beautiful cove of Sa Calobra.

This excursion involves some awkward climbing over large boulders, a safety rope is essential in places as a hand line. It should only be undertaken by persons in good physical condition.

Difficulty:         Lots of scrambling over large boulders
Distance:         8km
Descent:          650m
Duration:         4-6 hours depending on conditions, groups size and ability

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The walls of the gorge are in places only meters apart and over 200 meters high. Pools of water may be encountered making the gorge impassable, without swimming, after prolonged periods of rain. We can advise you on recent water levels and current conditions in the torrent.

You will need to bring your own lunch, plenty of water, sturdy walking shoes and swim wear if you would like to a dip in the sea before returning home.

Advise and conditions for the Torrent de Pareis

If you are planning on descending the Torrent de Pareis it is important to keep an eye on the amount of rainfall in the area before your trip. This link will show you how much rain has fallen in the main catchment area of the torrent (Escorca)

Torrent de Pareis Past week rainfall

As a rule of thumb if 2 or 3 cm has fallen in the previous 48 hours you should expect to be swimming or at least to get very wet. However, you may encounter water down the gorge even if there hasn’t been rain recently. The catchment area is large and complicated. The safest option is always to start your journey at the bottom. This way you will encounter any water difficulties very early on. Whenever you attempt the gorge you should always be prepared to encounter some water and be willing and able to turn around to retrace your steps.

Do not attempt the canyon if any rain is forecast, even a small amount will make the rock very dangerous. If it rains whilst you are in the gorge the limestone, like all gorges in Mallorca. will become very slippery and impassable. The best and perhaps only option, is to sit and wait for it to dry. The good news is that limestone dries very quickly once the rain does stop.

It is important to note that there is no mobile phone reception in the Torrent de Pareis. The emergency services number in Spain is 112 but you may have to scramble for a further 2.5 hours to summon help if your accident happened in the middle of canyon. Do not rely on others for help in the gorge. Some days you will meet other groups and on other occasions you will not meet anybody.

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